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Introduction to the terminology of automatic spray equipment spraying

Introduction to the terminology of automatic spray equipment spraying

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In the coating industry, due to the different properties of the work, there are many special terms, especially when using automatic coating equipment to paint furniture. There are many related terms. It is difficult for customers who are new to automatic coating equipment to understand and understand what it means. So that our technicians will naturally come out when they train their customers, and then explain the relevant coating terms to the customers. In order to let customers better understand and better master the operation method of automatic painting equipment, Rongde Machinery-China's first brand of painting robot introduces the terminology of painting, and hopes to help customers and friends.

SAP STAIN is a light red color modifier that converts the whiter part of the material into a light red color that is consistent with the deeper parts of the wood. It is color-coded with alcoholic coloring, and alcohol-based thinner can be used to adjust the color density. White water can be used to slow down the drying speed. For the white wood part, a partial spraying operation is generally adopted.

Generally, only one kind of equalizing agent or color modifying agent is used, and if the color of the color plate is red, orange, cherry, or dark brown, the color modifying agent is used. If the swatch is golden yellow, walnut color, pickled color, cyan blue, etc.

Edge banding primer (EDGE SEALER)

The edge-sealing primer is used for the edge sealing of the fiberboard. This is the color of the fiberboard into the color of the wood swatch. Generally, it varies with the color of the swatch. However, most of the colors are similar to those of the swatch. It was sprayed twice, and the intermediate drying was sanded with #240 sandpaper to give a smoother surface after the second spraying. The edge-sealing primer needs to have good filling property, adhesion, simple construction, rapid drying and easy sanding. The automatic coating equipment is more commonly used with PU and NC edge-sealing primers.

Filler (FILLER)

Add Gris color paste or color essence to the wood silk filler, adjust the wiping property with anti-white water, use a cloth dipped in the filler, wipe it back and forth clockwise or counterclockwise with a circle, push it into the wood conduit To fill the pipe and increase the grain texture of the wood, and achieve the two functions of filling and coloring, and reduce the number of times the primer is sprayed. Because it is a single liquid type, it is easy to use. Because it is easy to precipitate, please mix it evenly before adjusting the color. It must be stirred frequently during use. Because it contains powder, wipe the surface cleanly or thoroughly clean it. Do not leave any filler on the surface of the material. Otherwise, the adhesion will be poor.

Overall coloring (OVERALL BODY STAIN)

Also known as background coloring or material coloring, the color of the background color gradually approaches the color of the swatch, and the coating operation mode is generally adopted.

Alcoholic coloring agent (ALCOHOL STAIN)

The acid dye is dissolved in an alcohol solvent. Since the alcohol and the wood have high compatibility, the permeability is good, the drying is fast, and the coloring effect on the hard wood is excellent. Generally used for background coloring (full spray), padding stain, shading stain, and toner, this coloring agent is often used instead of a lint-free colorant.

No hair coloring agent (N.G.R STAIN)

It is a combination of an acid dye and a metal salt, and is soluble in a hair alcohol-based diluent. (Alcohol, methanol, toluene, etc.) It is generally sprayed in a comprehensive manner, and white water can be used to slow down its drying speed.

Advantages: no swelling material, no hair, no spitting, high permeability, fast drying, bright color, good light resistance.

Disadvantages: not easy to brush, high price, alcohol in the solvent. If the reactive coating such as PU is applied to the coating without being sufficiently dried, the coating film is liable to wrinkle.

Understand and master the terminology of the application of automatic coating equipment, it is easier to improve the painting efficiency and painting effect during daily operation.

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