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Automatic coating equipment component

Automatic coating equipment component

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Automatic coating equipment is divided into pre-painting surface pretreatment equipment, painting equipment, drying or curing equipment, automatic conveying equipment, dust-free air supply equipment and other ancillary equipment.

First, the coating surface pretreatment equipment

1. The purpose of pretreatment: remove the foreign matter brought by the coated parts, such as scale, rust, grease, etc., to provide a good substrate suitable for coating requirements, such as phosphating, oxidation, passivation, to ensure good coating. Corrosion resistance and decorative properties.

2. Pretreatment equipment is mainly divided into physical and chemical types.

Second, painting equipment

1. Painting method: There are many methods of painting, such as painting, dipping, air spraying, high pressure airless spraying, electrostatic spraying, electrophoretic painting, lacquering, roller coating, etc.

2, the role of painting equipment: the excess paint mist is limited to a certain area and filtered, so that operators get a working environment that meets hygienic conditions and safety regulations. In addition, construction conditions with a certain temperature, humidity and cleanliness should also be provided.

3, common spray booth classification

1) Dry spray booth: suitable for painting of small batches of workpieces;

2) Spray spray booth: suitable for painting of small workpieces;

3) Water curtain spray booth: suitable for painting of medium workpieces;

4) Water-rotating spray booth: suitable for painting of large workpieces with high decorative requirements.

4, the main structure of the spray booth

1) Chamber body: The role is to limit the spray fog to a certain range.

2) Paint mist filter device: dry and wet. Dry: Filter the paint mist through baffles or filter paper. Wet type: The paint mist particles are separated from the air by gas-water mixing.

3) Water supply system: ensure the normal circulation of water required by the wet spray booth.

4) Ventilation system: It consists of air supply and exhaust air, and provides air with certain temperature, humidity and cleanliness to ensure that the indoor air is laminar.

5) Lighting device: Ensure that the device has good illumination.

Third, drying equipment

Drying equipment has various types of classification, usually divided into heating methods: convection drying, radiation drying, convection + radiation drying;

Main components:

1) Chamber body: the circulating hot air does not overflow, so that the temperature in the room is kept within a certain range;

2) Heating system: radiant heating and convection heating to ensure that the indoor air temperature is controlled within the process requirements;

3) Duct: Guide hot air to circulate in the drying chamber to transfer heat to the workpiece

4) Air filter: filter dust in the air

5) air heater; heating indoor circulating air

6) Fan: forced drying indoor hot air circulation

7) Air curtain system: prevent hot air from overflowing and improve thermal efficiency;

8) Temperature control system: A device that ensures that the temperature of each section of the room meets the process requirements.

Fourth, automated conveyor equipment: the role of automation equipment is to play an organizational coordination role in the entire coating production line. It is mainly divided into two categories: air transportation and ground transportation.

1. Air transportation: ordinary suspension conveyor, double-chain suspension conveyor, light suspension conveyor, accumulation suspension conveyor, self-hoist delivery.

2. Ground transportation: reverse accumulation conveyor, tank chain conveyor, ordinary ground conveyor, etc.

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