Four elements of the coating equipment structure

 Industry news    |      2023-08-04 15:15:01

With the growing development of the dusting equipment industry, coating technology is also maturing. The structure of the knowledge system of painting technology is mainly divided into four major elements:

First, the painting process

The concept of the painting process should be much larger than the traditional understanding and the content should be much richer. The coating process shall include the process method, process, and process; it shall include the coating process design and process test; it shall include systematic consideration, arrangement, and arrangement of various elements of the paint shop (painting production site); It includes the requirements for other related professions and various restrictions such as laws and regulations.

Second, the painting environment

The painting environment mainly refers to the space environment outside the interior of the painting equipment. Space should include the space inside the plant and outside the plant, not just the part of the ground. In terms of technical parameters, it should include humidity, temperature, cleanliness, illumination, ventilation, and control of pollutants in the plant. For the environmental requirements outside the plant, it should be kept away from pollution sources through the general layout of the plant area, strengthen greening and dust prevention, and improve environmental quality.

One of the four elements of incorporating painting environments into painting technology is a new formulation. For the importance of the painting environment, the coating equipment has been recognized by many coating technicians. For the formation of the coating environment, the coating technicians need to propose the design goals, and implement together with the general plan, civil engineering, and public technicians. In order to finally form a painting environment.

Third, painting equipment

Painting equipment refers to the equipment and tools used in painting production. Including spray blasting equipment and abrasives, cleaning, phosphating equipment, degreasing, electrophoretic coating equipment, flow chamber, drying room, spray booth, strong cold room; dip coating, roller coating equipment, electrostatic spraying equipment, powder coating Equipment; paint supply device, painting machine, painting and transportation equipment, painting station equipment; painting equipment, clean vacuum equipment, compressed air supply equipment; test equipment and so on. Painting equipment is the most important hardware condition in the coating technology knowledge system and plays a decisive role in the advancement of coating technology.

Fourth, the coating materials

The coating material refers to the chemical materials and auxiliary materials used in the coating production process. Including cleaning agents, surface conditioners, phosphating solutions, passivation solutions, various coatings, solvents, putty, sealant, anti-rust wax and other chemical materials; should also include gauze, sandpaper, rubber and plastic parts used in the process Wait.

From the perspective of coating technology, chemical materials should focus on understanding the various technical properties of materials, the requirements of the coating environment, equipment, and the required process, and select chemical materials and auxiliary materials according to actual conditions. How to manufacture these products should be the scope of research on fine chemical technology.